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Tinting / Eyeloash Extension

Tinting / Eyeloash Extension

Tinting will help customers with naturally light colored brows and eyelashes gain darker and more attractive brows and eyelashes.
Eyelash extension is done by our trained experts.

Tinting gives the eyes definition and lets you go without eye makeup.

The eyebrow tinting is the color service provided to make your eyebrows look darker.


Eyelash extensions are single synthetic lashes applied directly to the natural lash, close to the lash line by our experts. A single extension is applied to a single lash, leaving the eyelashes and eyelids to move freely. Our experts apply eyelash extensions taking special care to ensure that they are all applied correctly to maintain your eyelash wellbeing. The best lash extensions are expensive and will require a consultation. We are just one call away to guide you.

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